Teacher Catches Her Students Dancing Together On Valentine's Day [Video]


Teacher Catches Her Students Dancing Together On Valentine's Day [Video]

Westwood Elementary School - Facebook

Some days you just need a little reminder of all the good things in our world to shake off the anger and sadness that seems to follow us around.

If today is one of those days for you, we guarantee this video will do the trick.

It comes courtesy of Maureen Lawson, a teacher at Westwood Elementary School in Stillwater, Oklahoma. On Valentine's Day, she pulled her camera out at just the right time to capture two of her students sharing a sweet moment.

Graham and Sofi's teacher says they started dancing out of the blue.Westwood Elementary School - Facebook

Lawson told Good Morning America that her students, third grader Sofi a first grader Graham, have always been "drawn to each other," but never quite like this.

In a spontaneous moment, with no music playing, the pair slow danced together and showed off a pretty advanced little spin.

Lawson is still not sure what inspired the adorable duo to cut a rug.

Mrs. Lawson just looked over and saw these two friends spontaneously were having a Valentine's Day dance! If this doesn't make your whole day I don't know what will!!!

Posted by Westwood Elementary School on Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Our classroom was very busy at the time," she remembered, "but they just decided to dance, with no music and no talking."

After sharing the cute video on Westwood's Facebook page, people couldn't get enough of Sofi and Graham's dance moves.

In less than a month, the video has been watched more than 4.5 million times and shared over 75,000 times.

Elementary School
Graham showed off his viral fame in show and tell.Westwood Elementary School - Facebook

And an update featuring Graham shows that he loves his newfound fame, as he showed the video - which has been picked up by national news shows - to his classmates.

This story is a perfect pick-me-up for all of the negativity we live through, and a reminder that you don't need a special reason to start dancing.

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What did you think of Sofi and Graham's dancing skills?

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