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High School Students Give Touching Surprise To Cancer-Stricken Bus Driver

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Derek Davis

A school bus driver received a touching surprise from his students as he underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments for his cancer.

On Dec. 6, the South Portland High School marching band and a fleet of 20 school buses appeared outside Jamie Creamer's hospital window and serenaded him with well-wishes.

Jamie, 46, who has been battling neck cancer for the past four months, was teary-eyed by his students and fellow bus drivers's act of kindness, the Portland Press Herald reports.

"I felt like crap until they came," Jamie said. "Now I feel awesome. I feel so blessed."

Jamie had been a dedicated bus driver for the past 12 years, sometimes putting in up to 30 hours of overtime. He said he's built strong relationships with his students over the years, mimicking the one of an uncle.

The feelings are not one-sided, as the students have said they return his fondness.

"It was really important to give back to the man who has gotten us through so many band seasons," senior tuba player, Josh Hyssong said. "I'm really glad we were able to make this gesture of support for him and to wish him well."

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