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Women Who Make The First Move Are More Likely To Find Love: Scientists

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Let's be frank: there's nothing easy about dating in the 21st century.

With an influx of technology simplifying our lives with the latest gadgets and gizmos, you'd think there would be a solution to those lacking in love.

Well, there technically are, and they're called dating apps, but they deliver an entirely new set of questions and dilemmas, including: who makes the first move?

Traditionally, men would make the first move by asking their prospective partner out on a date to get to know them and see if they "click."

But now, everything is different. When you see a profile of someone you like online, you have to take the risk of messaging first. This can be nerve-racking, because without seeing their body language, there's no immediate indication on what they think of you.

While some would prefer to stick to the long-established protocol of a man making the first move, a significant portion of women have sent a message first, leading to surprising results.

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