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Study Claims Divorced Women Are Happier Than Men


When a couple ties the knot, it shouldn't be taken for granted that their vows are for forever.

According to research from the Marriage Foundation and The Times, the number of divorces have been cut in half over the last 25 years.

Once a husband and wife have been married for five years, the chances of a divorce dwindled down by 39%, while it's gone down by a fifth for couples who've reached the 10-year mark.

While the news is encouraging for those in romantic relationships, there are still thousands of people who get divorced every year.

But as it turns out, there is a stark difference between men and women following their breakup.

The Statistics

A survey commissioned by Style magazine asked 1,060 divorced British men and women, who had an average age of 54, more than 30 questions about their personal lives and the reason behind their breakups.

The study found more than half of women (53%) say they are happier post-divorce, compared to less than a third of men (32%) who say the same thing.

Results showed women were more likely to speak with positive words such as "glad," "celebration," and "excitement," while their male counterparts would use negative language like "failure" and "disappointment."

When the topic shifted to dating, 61% of women said they were happy to be single, whereas only 47% of men agreed.

While 30% of men were quicker to pursue new relationships, 17% of them admitted to harboring feelings for a former partner, in contrast to only 8% of women.

Causes For Divorce

Although there are several reasons for a couple to split, 49% of the participants blamed the demise of their relationship on their partner changing, while only 14% acknowledged it was their fault.

The second most common reason couples broke up were due to unhappiness, followed by one partner finding someone else.

The survey indicated more than half of the couples only took six months to decide whether or not to get a divorce, with women, couples with children, and couples who've been married for a substantial amount of time taking longer.

With between 40% to 50% of marriages ending in divorce, 86% of people agreed splitting from your husband or wife is nothing to be ashamed about.

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