Subway Under Fire After Trying To Scam Money From Employees

Everyone has had to work bad jobs. It's the way the world works. Bad hours, bad pay, bad management. But for the most part, our jobs followed the letter of the law.

There are strict rules in place to make sure employees are treated fairly and compensated appropriately. But Subway, the sandwich mega-giant, is under fire after they posted an ad looking for "apprentices" to be their sandwich artists.

So what's the big deal, here? Why are people mad about them wanting to hire apprentices?

It's pretty simple. The company posted an ad looking for people willing to be an apprentice for 14 months and work for only $148.95 PER WEEK. 8am to 5pm, 5 days a week. This is the minimum amount of money employers are required to pay apprentices or interns in the UK (where this debacle is taking place.) Again, if that's the law, why are people so upset about it?

Here's the thing: this 'apprenticeship' doesn't really hold any educational value, which is what's required under the law. The job requirements and duties are more or less identical to an average Subway sandwich artist: cleaning up, making sandwiches, and working the register.

The job was listed on the "Government's Find Apprenticeship" website, and union leaders are calling out the government for allowing this "exploitation charter by unscrupulous bosses to hire young people on the cheap."

A Subway spokesperson was made aware of the job posting, and said "The franchisee of this store was unaware of this advert which was posted by a recruitment agency. Together we are working to have this advert removed immediately. Subway requires that all franchisees comply with employment law when recruiting and contracting, and in all dealings with, employees.”

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Do you agree that this post was just a cheap way to get around paying employees properly? Let us know!