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11 Ways Companies Are Hiding Sugar In Your Food

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Nowadays, the first thing we do when we buy food is look at the ingredients.

Health advocates urge people to consume less sugar to avoid obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and many other medical conditions.

By law, food manufacturers have to list every ingredient, which is a good thing. We know to avoid sugary foods like candy, chocolate, and sodas, but once we stay clear of those obvious ones there are many foods we are not sure of that contain a lot of sugar.

So your efforts to curb sugar may only be a reassuring thought in your head--but it's not your fault.

You may have heard of fructose, sucrose, and glucose, which are other names for simple sugars, but there's so many more we're unaware of.

It took a team of researchers to discover the mystery behind some of these strange, and also not so strange, sounding ingredients found on nutritional labels.

There's more than one, two, five, or even ten names for sugar!

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