7 Health Conditions To Watch Out For In The Summer

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7 Health Conditions That Get Even Worse In The Summer

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Summer is finally here, and in my chilly part of the country that's cause for celebration.

But I have to be careful too. I'm not exactly in great shape, and the sweltering summer heat can stress out my body.

You're probably tired of being reminded to put on your sunscreen, but this is serious.

These seven health conditions get much worse in the summer.

1. Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Doctors have noticed a serious uptick in the amount of patients who develop kidney stones during the warmer months.

Why? Because people just aren't drinking enough water.

Most kidney stones form when minerals which should be flushed out of our system build up into large deposits.

Hydrating throughout the day, while avoiding caffeine, sugary drinks , and salty food, will keep you safe from these painful stones.

2. Depression


The "winter blues" are well known, but many patients with depression experience "summertime sadness" even more intensely.

Experts say that if the stifling heat doesn't agree with your personality, it can exacerbate your condition and make you even more upset.

Plus, summer is a very social season, which can leave patients feeling like they're on the outside looking in.

If you notice the symptoms of depression, seek help from a professional or reach out to a friend.

3. Asthma


It varies from person to person whether spring, summer or even fall is your worst asthma season.

But the air quality outdoors gets considerably worse as temperatures rise.

Your body also needs more oxygen as it heats up, which puts stress on your lungs.

The easiest way to control your asthma symptoms is to stay near a filtered air conditioner as much as possible. As if you needed another excuse to get out of the heat!

4. Sunstrokes and heart attacks

Heart attack and sunstroke

A worrying number of Americans are already in the blood pressure danger zone.

As our bodies heat up, our heart rate increases while our blood pressure lowers.

This combination makes it difficult for our bodies to cool down, leading to potentially fatal heart attacks and stokes.

Confused behavior, trouble breathing, and nausea are all signs that you need to cool down.

Spend time relaxing in the shade and stay hydrated, because sunstroke can strike out of nowhere.

5. Migraines


Heat is just one of the many surprising migraine triggers. But warm summer days have plenty of other ways to trigger a headache.

Another factor is that as you sweat out water you become dehydrated.

Drinking water often and eating regular meals is important to prevent summer migraines.

But the temperature can also cause barometric pressure changes that cause migraines, and there's no way to avoid those.

Even the bright light of the sun can cause a migraine if you stare into it. So study your migraine triggers and stay in the shade when you can.

6. Rosacea

Head and face medicine - Wikimedia

Rosacea is one of those annoying, chronic skin conditions that can break out suddenly for any number of reasons.

It causes facial redness and bumps that are both uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Direct sunlight is known to trigger a rosacea outbreak, so finding the right sunscreen for your skin is important.

You want a physical formula without chemicals or additives that would irritate your face.

Aloe gel can also soothe rosacea flareups. And avoiding skin irritants like chlorine helps too.

7. Nighttime leg cramps

Leg cramps

For reasons scientists still can't fully explain, nighttime leg cramps are twice as common in the summer.

Something about the change of season affects the motor neurons in your legs, causing painful cramps.

You can stave them off by staying hydrated throughout the day.

Certain medicines like diuretics also cause leg cramps, but you should consult your doctor before you stop taking them.

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