Two New Oreo Flavors Are Here, And They're Totally Summer

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Anyone who tells you they don't love an Oreo cookie every now and then is lying right to your face. The classic cookie is never a let down and will take any day from good to great.

Oreos have come a long way from when they first started, though. The company pumps out new flavors all the time, and recently even let fans have a say on what came next. They released three "fan flavors" that were then voted on by the public.

There was Kettle Corn:


Cherry Cola:


And Pina Colada:


Cherry Cola ultimately won out, but the woman who created the flavor says she never got her $500,000 prize money. Taylor Young said Oreo sent her a box with two Cherry Cola cookies and a thank you note. They stopped communicating with her, and finally told Young that they didn't have to pay out her prize money since they were already developing the Cherry Cola flavor before her submission.

"That's not cool. But if they claimed they already had it in their back pocket, then they don't need to provide prizes to anyone," Young said.

So instead of sourcing the job out the public again, this time Oreo decided to release two new flavors of their own, and they'll instantly make you think of summer.

The first flavor is Strawberry Shortcake, inspired by the Good Humor ice cream bar of the same flavor. It features golden cookies with whipped strawberry shortcake flavored creme and strawberry flavored pieces.


And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, then maybe their other flavor will! Rocky Road Trip Oreos can be eaten other places than on the road, and trust me they will be. The cookie is the classic chocolate wafers with marshmallow bits, rocky road flavored creme, and soy nut pieces.


Both flavors are now available, but only for a limited time.

Which one are you most excited to try?

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