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Surprising Benefits of Going Braless Are Making People Leave Their Bras at Home!

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While wearing a bra has always been looked at as practical, it's also annoying as hell.

If it's not fitted properly, you're uncomfortable all day. And any bra that DOES fit well is always super expensive.

I can't think of a more relieving feeling than coming home and taking my bra off at the end of a long day.

So what if I told you that going braless actually has some pretty great benefits? It does!

No Bra Means Perkier Breasts

According to French researchers, not wearing a bra actually makes your breasts perkier! With the support of a bra, your pectoral muscles lose tension over time which can cause your breasts to sag because they aren't fighting gravity.

Mother Nature Network

Increased Circulation

Elastic bands and straps from bras can slow down your circulation through your arms and torso. Not wearing a bra will allow your blood to move more freely!

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