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A Look Inside Suzanne Somers's $14.5 Million Home Before She Auctions It Off To The Highest Bidder

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Suzanne Somers was one of the biggest stars of the 70s and 80s thanks to the show Three's Company. She may be 71 years old, but she still looks just as good as she did back then. Thanks to her success as an actress and author, she was able to purchase a huge home in Palm Springs and has lived there for 40 years.

However, now it's time to move on and she has decided that the best way to sell it is with an auction. She had previously listed it for sale at $14.5 million, but it didn't end up selling. Now it's going to go up for auction on January 31st and there is no minimum for how much it'll end up costing.

Consierge Auctions

Having no reserve on the house means that Somers may end up losing a fair bit of money on the property, but hopefully she gets a decent price as she has many memories about the home. They bought the home in 1977 as an escape from the paparazzi, and have loved it since.

Consierge Auctions

It's a 70 acre property with five separate buildings across it. There is a combined 7,300 square feet of livable space, including eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.

Somers had a lot to say about her home's unique look...

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