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Sweet Potatoes Are Actually Way Better For You Than You Thought

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Serious Eats / NandaBezerra

If you haven't already had the chance to try sweet potatoes in any of their wonderful forms, then I really feel for you. These inexpensive and delicious treats are amazing to throw into almost any recipe, and what's more, they have numerous health benefits all in one cozy orange package!

Heart Health

Sweet potatoes are full of the vitamin B6, which is an essential nutrient that keeps your heart healthy by reducing the number of harmful chemicals present in your blood stream.

The Best No-Stress

Ever notice how good you feel after having some sweet potato fries? That's probably because of the magnesium found in them! It relaxes you and helps to keep your muscles and nerves happy!

Bare Bones

Thanks to all the vitamin D in these sweeter root vegetables, your bones with strengthen the more you eat! It also helps with your mood and energy levels, so you can combat the winter blues!

But there is so much more that these incredibly tasty potatoes can do!

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