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SweetTarts Candy Announces Big Change Coming

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Anyone growing up in the '60s rembembers when Pixie Sticks and Lick-M-Aid were the popular candies of choice for kids. The sugary powder was full of flavors that tasted like cherry, grape, lemon, lime and orange.

Kids loved them, but parents hated the mess they made. In response to parents' request for a less-messy treat, Joseph Fish Smith, the owner of Sunline Inc invented Sweetarts.

These candies became an instant hit, as they featured all the familiar Pixie Sticks flavors, without the mess. / Gregg Koenig

Today, Sweetarts packaging might look different, but the classic hard candies still feature some of the same great flavors.

Fans can get a taste of:

  • Red: Cherry
  • Purple: Grape
  • Blue: Blue Punch
  • Orange: Orange (retired as of 2014)
  • Green: Green Apple (lime before 2001)
  • Yellow: Lemon

While the hard candies are still available, Sweetarts just announced a new line of Gummies that is going to change the game for many consumers...

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