Sylvester Stallone Raves About His "Wonderful" Daughters After A Family Night Out

Actor Sylvester Stallone may be known for portraying hardcore characters on screen, but when it comes to his role as a father he is a total softie.

The 71-year-old actor is father to two sons, Seargeoh and the late Sage Moonblood, as well as three daughters, Sophia, 21, Sistine , 19, and Scarlet, 15, who he shares with his wife Jennifer Flavin.


From a young age onwards, the Rocky actor's daughters made regular appearances on the red carpet and at other Hollywood events to support their father.

Over the years, we've watched them grow from adorable preteens to gorgeous young adults who are making strides in their own fields.

Sophia is currently a student at University of Southern California.


Sistine is making her mark in the modeling industry.

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And the youngest, Scarlet, is a promising track and field athlete.

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But no matter how much they grow and successful they become one thing has always remained the same - they will always be daddy's little girls - and a photo posted by Stallone on Instagram this week just reiterated this fact.

He paired the snap with an adorable caption that made us all say "aww."

Stallone was among the celebrity guests at the Town & Country's November Families issue launch party, and he took his entire family with him.

After the event, the proud papa took to Instagram to share a family photo from the night and he couldn't help but gush about his brood.

"At an event last night with my wonderful daughters! Always a pleasure to spend time them!" the actor captioned the photo.

At an event last night with my wonderful daughters! Always a pleasure to spend time them!#townandcountry #netflix

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Although she wasn't pictured in the group photo, the girls' mother was also at the event and appeared in a separate photo alongside Sophia.

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The family spent the rest of the night rubbing shoulders with other celebrities, and taking more photos.

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This isn't the first time that the action star has raved about his daughters. Just a week ago, he shared a screenshot of a news article featuring Sistine to express how proud he was.

"Keep up the good work, Love mom and dad," he captioned the photo.

Keep up the good work, Love mom and dad

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He has also previously humble-bragged about Sophia and Scarlet for their achievements.

It's great to see the family remain so close knit despite constantly being under the spotlight.

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