Sylvester Stallone's Mother Is A Psychic And She Can Tell Your Future By Looking At Your Butt

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She may not be as famous as psychics like Sylvia Brown, "The Psychic Twins" Linda and Terry Jamison or John Edwards, but Sylvester Stallone's mother, Jacqueline, has been making waves in the world of the clairvoyance since the late 1980s.

For a good chunk of her life, Jackie, as she's affectionately known, has been out of the spotlight. She married Frank Stallone Sr. in 1945, and the couple had two sons, actor Sylvester and Grammy-winning singer Frank Jr, before parting ways. She worked as a hairdresser for a while, but thanks to her love of fitness, specifically weight lifting, she landed her own daily exercise show in Washington, D.C. in the 1980s. She later opened a women-only gym called Barbella's.


Jackie soon started appearing on more television programs, including the wrestling show GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. However, that was not her true calling.

In the mid-90s, Jackie, who claims to be a psychic, published a couple of astrology books and set up a psychic hotline for folks who needed advice. She also made a number of television show appearances to promote her services and share predictions about the future.

While many clairvoyants specialize in aura and palm reading techniques, astrology, divination, etc. to analyze an individual's future, Jackie also has a very special technique she uses: the ancient art of rumpology, also known as "butt reading."

Those who master the little-known ancient technique can allegedly learn about a person's future by analyzing "the lines, crevices, dimples, and folds of the buttocks." Jackie is one of the world's foremost practitioners of rumpology.


"Jacqueline has discovered that the left and right cheeks reveal a person's past and future, respectively," read the description on her website. "The right buttocks represents the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain, while the left buttocks represents the right hemisphere. It is similar to palmistry -- where the left palm  represents the past and the right palm represents the future."

In addition to her butt reading services, Jackie, who is almost 96, has also made some interesting predictions about a variety of topics over the years, and some did end up becoming reality. From the royal family to O.J. Simpson, here are some of predictions she got right, according to her website:

1. Sylvester Stallone's success with Rambo

The Verge

2. George W. Bush would win the 2000 U.S. presidential election


3. The fall of the Berlin Wall

The Telegraph

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