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11-Year-Old Girl Scout's Quick Thinking Saved Her Dad's Life While On Camping Trip

An 11-year-old Girl Scout is being called a hero after she managed to save her own father's life. Sylvie Mider will be honored with the National Lifesaving Award Medal of Honor from the Girl Scouts after her quick thinking helped make sure that her father would survive.

Mider was camping with her father when the incident occurred. They went fishing, hiking, and had spent their evening making s'mores. It was at 2:30 am when Mider woke up and noticed something was wrong.

Her dad was still awake, and he was moving around the camp site in an unusual way. "I said, 'Hey, Dad, are you OK' and he said he was fine," Mider explained. Even though her father said he was doing alright, Mider didn't believe him. She asked him what he was doing awake at that time of night but he couldn't remember.

His disorientation and confusion made her realize something was wrong, and so she knew she needed to act fast...

“If I didn’t notice he was sick or needed help, something terrible was going to happen,” Mider said. She knew that her diabetic father was in need of help, and she was the only one awake. She had seem him go through diabetic shock before and she felt like it was the same thing.

She did her best to keep calm and remember her first-aid training. “People who panic never do well in bad situations. I’m not going to panic. I’m going to keep my head,” she remembers thinking to herself.

Mider quickly woke up her brother and the nearest adults she could find. She then tried to give her father a granola bar but he wouldn't eat it. Then she remembered that the pack leader for the camp of older boys was a doctor, so she got one of the adults to drive them over.

The doctor was able to do a glucose test and confirm that Mider had been right about the diabetic shock. Then the doctor was able to give him a glucose gel that quickly brought his sugar levels back up.

Group leader Jamie Perkins nominated her for the award. “Even as she heard us call 911 and go to get the doctor who was at our campground, she managed to maintain her composure and continued to help by providing information when it was needed," he wrote in his nomination. "She could not have handled the situation better. Her bravery and quick action led to a successful outcome. Sylvie is a hero in my mind.”

Her father is so grateful that she was able to recognize what was happening, and help him out when no one else was there. “I’m so proud of her for keeping her head and having the confidence to recognize what’s happening, taking responsibility and going to get the right people to help me out."

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