Taco Bell Is Ditching The Drive-Thru, But Adding Something Even Better

Taco Bell is an institution. It serves sub-par food for quality prices. It's the perfect stop for families on road trips, friends out drinking, or someone who needs something cheesy on the go.

They've given us the Naked Breakfast Taco.

The Naked Chicken Chilupa.

The Naked Chicken Chips (triangle chicken nuggets, also why is everything naked?)

And many more. Part of the appeal is that you can pull up to a Taco Bell drive-thru and not having to leave your car ever. Between 55 to 70% of Taco Bell's revenues come from drive-thru sales, which is why their new announcement is so shocking.

Taco Bell announced new "urban in-line" restaurants they claim will be "cantina style" locations. Over 300 of these locations will pop up across the country, but die-hard Taco Bell fans might notice something extremely important missing: a drive-thru.

Taco Bell says their decision is based off of where millennials are currently choosing to live.

“One of the cool things happening in America right now is the revitalization of urban areas, and we’re seeing millennials moving into downtown areas,” Mike Grams, Taco Bell’s chief operating officer says.

But don't worry, they're making up for taking away one good thing by adding in another: alcohol.

According to Food & Wine, "the majority of the new “urban in-line” locations will serve beer, wine, sangria, and Twisted Freezes, aka slushies with tequila, rum, or vodka."

What goes best with a Doritos Locos Taco?

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