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Taco Bell Is Turning Chicken Into Your Favorite Snack

Taco Bell is no stranger to pushing the limits with their menu items.

Earlier this year, they introduced the very hyped up but short-lived fried chicken taco shell dubbed the Naked Chicken Chalupa and not too long after, the chain's breakfast delicacy, the Naked Breakfast Taco made its debut.

If you were thinking that they couldn't possibly top those creations, jokes on you.

The Mexican cuisine-inspired restaurant chain announced another stunt food that will bring the fried chicken craze back to life - Naked Chicken Chips.

According to the press release, the chips are made with all-white-meat seasoned with Mexican spices. They will be served with "Taco Bell’s beloved Nacho Cheese sauce, the marriage of flavors takes a left turn from how fans have traditionally eaten both chicken and chips."

So basically a nacho-shaped chicken nugget that falls into the category of foods you didn't think you needed until it came into existence.

You can get a taste of Naked Chicken Chips when it hits Taco Bell stores nationwide on May 11. The 6-piece will be priced at $1.99 and the 12-piece at $2.99. The new chips are a limited-edition fare so you might want to get your order in as soon as they're out.

Will you be trying the Naked Chicken Chips? Let us know!

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