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This House Has People Adjusting Their Computer Screens

When you were young, did you ever turn upside down and imagine what it would be like to live on the ceiling? You could walk around avoiding light fixtures and step up through doorways. It would be fun until you couldn't get to the bathroom or fridge...

A company in Taipei, Taiwan, has made everything topsy-turvy. They took the idea and transformed it into a real upside-down house you can explore.

The colorful 3-story building costed over $600,000 to build and looks exactly like a real home with everything hanging from the ceiling! Guests can visit this "museum" to see tables, sofas, and dresser drawers overhead. Everything is so detailed; you can find post-it notes, laptops, and house plants expertly placed on upside-down coffee tables and night stands.

And yes, you will have to dodge ceiling lamps and light fixtures as you walk through the house!

Watch the full video here:

Would you visit this house? I would!