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Take Off Polish Without Remover With These Tricks

I love a pretty manicure. There's nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish to tie together a look. But, sometimes your favourite pink polish doesn't really match the outfit you've picked out for the day. Naturally, you'd gravitate towards a nail polish remover to get rid of the old polish. But, what if you've run out and can't get to a store to pick up a new bottle? Also, have you ever thought about the harmful chemicals in the solvent? Oh and the smell, gross!

Acetone, ethyl acetate or butyl acetate are the most common ingredients found in most removers and they can be harsh on your skin and nails. So if you're curious about alternative ways to take off your polish with products you already have on hand, then here are two methods you can use to effectively remove lacquer off your nails:

1. Alcohol-Based Products

No, you can't use Vodka but products that contain rubbing alcohol can do a good job at getting rid of nail polish. These include plain ol' rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), hair spray, hand sanitizer and perfume. Apply your product of choice to your nails, let it sit for about a minute then rub the polish off with a cotton pad, ball or tissue. This process does take longer than using an acetone-based remover, especially if you've been rocking glitter lacquer, but it's less toxic and you'll be germ-free thanks to the ethanol in the rubbing alcohol.

2. Nail Polish

You can actually remove your old polish with more nail polish and trust me, it totally works! All you have to do is paint a new coat on your nails, leave it on for about 30 seconds then wipe if off. Repeat the process until all the polish it off. You can use any shade of polish as a remover but I personally prefer using a clear non quick-drying top coat polish.


These methods work best with regular polish. Gel and chip-resistant nail polishes may require different removers.

See how the alternative removers in action in the video below:

Give these tricks a try and let us know how they worked out for you!

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