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Taking "Just Like Grandma Makes It" To New Heights

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If you remember getting excited about going to grandma's house for dinner, you're not alone. Some of our favorite meals growing up were created in grandma's kitchen. Well now, one restaurant is bringing your favorite flavors of your childhood to the dining table once again.

Enoteca Maria in Staten Island, New York is offering an experience like no other.

The restaurant has a rotating staff of grandmothers from all over the world that help to create a unique experience for diners. Coming from 30 different places including Czech Republic, Palestine and Algeria, you can expect the warmth of a home cooked meal while dining out at this restaurant.

Chef Nonna Adelina prepares dishes before the evening diners arrive.MICHAEL GRAAE/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

The chefs use broken English to communicate, and with the help of the restaurant's staff of multilingual waiters they make it work.

Putting a restaurant of grandmothers together is not only a lucrative business, but it's a great opportunity for the chefs. In a 2015 study, research suggests that seniors who work are in better health than those who are retired.

You've heard of too many cooks in the kitchen? So how does this group of women get along?

"You can't really put too many of them together," Jody Scaravella, owner of the restaurant joked. "Especially in the kitchen. Because you're gonna see, sparks are gonna fly."

"Each one of these [Italian] grandmothers feels like they're the boss, because in their particular family unit, they're at the top of that pyramid. So when you put all of these grandmothers that are all at the top in a room together, they all feel like they're in charge and they're all wondering what that other person is doing there," he joked. "It can get dicey."

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