Target Introduces New Holiday Pajama Sets And They're Fashionably Festive


My family loves giving pajamas to each other on Christmas Eve. It's a big tradition around here, so we can all wake up on Christmas morning with our new jammies, ready to open presents. I personally love getting everyone matching pajamas, but I think my kids would tell you they're over it by now.

Even though my kids may be too old for the tradition, I know there are a lot of other families like mine who do the same. That's why when I saw the new Target holiday pajama sets, I just had to share.

Take a look at the 16 new sets they have this year!

1. Santa's Outfit

Flattery will get you everywhere, so why not flatter Kris Kringle on Christmas Eve? Get everyone in your family on Santa's "nice list" with this set.

2. Harry Potter Nod

My kids loved reading Harry Potter, so I bet they would love these Harry Potter-themed jammies. Just don't let Santa know you're up to no good !

3. Hanukkah Patterns

The holiday season is for everyone, and if your family celebrates Hanukkah, then make sure to grab this set of PJs for them. You might have to grab a couple of sets, I'm not sure how these will hold up after eight nights!

4. Reindeer Games

Wearing a fuzzy onesie is a great way to lounge around the house, so make sure you and the whole family are comfy and festive this holiday season! You can even get the dog involved...because why not?

5. Plaid Party

The best part about this set is you can wear them all year round! Plaid is always in style, if you ask me.

6. Moose-t Have

Reindeer aren't the only antlered creatures who want to celebrate this winter! These moose pajamas make sure everyone gets to join in on the fun.

7. Van Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Camper vans were a big part of my childhood, with our family going on a lot of road trips together. Though my grandkids may have never ridden in one, these camper van pajamas are still a treat.

8. Grinch Goodness

Let your heart (and your coziness) grow three sizes this holiday season with the Grinch-themed pajama set. Just make sure no real-life Grinch snatches them from under the tree!

9. Feliz Navi-dog

If a dog is a man's best friend, then these pajamas covered in dogs are everyone's best purchase. Stay festive and fur-iendly with this comfy choice.

10. Bear Hugs

I won't lie, the top of these pajamas looks like something I want to wear all day, not just to go to bed! I love anything with a cute hood, and this set delivers.

11. Elf-ie Schtick

Sign up to be some of Santa's little helpers this year with these matching elf pajamas. You could even try to use them as a way to get your kids to help around the house, saying that Santa asked them to, but no guarantee that actually works.

12. It's A Great Pajama Set, Charlie Brown!

A classic cartoon on a classic set of pajamas. These need no explanation.

13. Knitted or Nice

A good knit pattern is a must-have for everyone's wardrobe, and that includes pajamas. If you don't celebrate any winter holidays but just want a seasonal print, this is the one for you.

14. Bear-y Christmas

You'll want to hibernate for months while snuggled up in these fun and festive pajamas. They even have cute "Mama," "Papa," and "Lil'" written on the shirts!

15. Arctic Adoration

If you don't want to be totally matching, you can grab this set of pajamas that has a different winter animal on each pair. Your style will match, but the print will be different!

16. Check It Twice

Santa's list is so long, it stretches over everyone's pajamas! Keep everyone on the nice list with these matching pajamas that are sure to keep you cozy.

You can get all of these sets at Target, and some of them even come with a pair of pajamas for the dog! Talk about being all inclusive.

Which set is your favorite? I like the Charlie Brown ones!

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