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Target Is Ending Their Rewards Program And People Are Freaking Out

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Even if it's not often, odds are you've shopped at Target. It's a great one-stop-shop experience for everything you need at inexpensive prices.

In 2016, Target launched a pilot program with their new app Cartwheel, which allowed shoppers to earn points on each purchase and then redeem the points for coupons. Those coupons could range anywhere from 5 to 50 percent off items throughout the store.

Target VP of Digital Product, Sean Murphy, said there's really only one goal when it comes to the app.

"That means guests will have one place where they can map out their store trips, snag great Cartwheel deals on in-store purchases, check out Target’s store and online assortments and, of course, make online purchases," Murphy said.

Sine the launch of Cartwheel Perks, Murphy boasts that users have saved approximately $1 billion through the app.

So why are they now shutting it down? And what is the last day you can redeem your coupons? Keep reading to find out.

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