Target Is Re-Modeling Their Stores And They Look Awesome

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If you're like me, you can zip around your local target with your eyes closed. You have a specific routine of what sections you hit first, what entrance you use, and a general idea of what a good sale is.

But in the near future, you're probably going to have to re-think that strategy. Target recently announced that they'll be re-vamping their locations over the next four years as a way to make shopping "easier and more inspiring."

Good Housekeeping

“We know our guests come to Target on a variety of missions and this design takes that into account right from the front door, with separate entrances for those seeking inspiration and those who simply want ease,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Target Properties. “As we remodel stores now and in the future it’s about mass customization, being locally-relevant and doing it at scale across the country, listening to and learning from our guests’ feedback along the way.”

The first location to receive this makeover was in Richmond, Texas, and we have to looks pretty sweet.

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