Target Selling Wine For $5 Is The Best News You'll Hear All Day

Do you like wine? Do you like cheap wine? Do you like shopping at Target?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, then BOY do we have some news for you!

Target, everyone' favorite bargain shop is doing some damage control after getting rid of its beloved perks program, Cartwheel.

Now, they've decided to release a new line of wine, and people are freaking out.

"We’re introducing a new line of wines with profiles—and prices—that'll have you sipping for joy," Target said in a statement. "Say hello to California Roots: Five wine blends carefully crafted with premium, California-grown grapes. And the best part? All this pure vineyard-to-table goodness is just $5 a bottle."


So what are the different kinds?

These are the descriptions for Target's new wines, as written by their website.



Profile: Lush tropical fruit flavors and a bright finish will transport you to a warm, sunny day at the farmers market

Pairings: Artisanal cheeses and freshly baked bread



Profile: Vibrant citrus and tropical fruit flavors let you enjoy the fresh, easy going feeling of summer any time of the year

Pairings: Crisp green salads and fresh fish.

Cabernet Sauvignon


Profile: Delicate aromas and creamy peach and melon flavors make every day feel a little more special

Pairings: Sweet, freshly picked berries

Cabernet Sauvignon


Profile: Juicy cherry flavors, hints of oak and graceful finish elevate even the simplest pleasures

Pairings: Thick ribeye steaks

Red Blend


Profile: Smooth berry and cherry flavors with hints of spice offer the perfect antidote to the workweek

Pairings: Wild mushroom pasta and grilled vegetables

“We’re out to give our guests even more reasons to love Target—including exclusive products they can’t find anywhere else,” says Jeff Burt, senior vice president of food and beverage. “And we think they’re going to love California Roots—these wines are just the right blend of incredible quality and amazing value that guests can only get at Target.”

The wines will launch at over 1,100 stores nationwide starting September 3rd. Will you try some?