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Tattooed Santa Was Asked To Stop Flipping Kids Upside Down, And People Are Angry

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The Japan Times

When the company said that they wanted Santa Scott to ease up on the stunts, he respectfully obeyed, worried that the job that he loves to do was in jeopardy.

However, one fan heard about this predicament and posted about it on Facebook to mobilize the community.

Everyone needs to go on Oxford Valley Mall & HolidayMoments Facebook pages & complain that Santa Scott needs to be able...

Posted by Amanda Nagy on Monday, November 13, 2017

The post got the attention of the town, and people began looking for ways to work with their favorite Kris Kringle. Now, another local photography studio has offered their resources to continue the tradition, and allow people to take their awesome Christmas photos with the coolest Santa in town.

His daughter, Megan Greene, said that there's a reason people love going back to Santa Scott.

She says "his big heart, love for others, and his joy in being Santa Claus will always set him aside from the others."

Share if you would want your kids to have their photos taken with Santa Scott!

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