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Teacher Finds Note From Student On His Desk. When He Read It, He Almost Broke Down

We can all remember that one teacher who touched our lives for the better.

Whether it's through their teaching methods or their personal connection with you, teachers have an ability to change our lives.

For one teacher, Mr. J., his student felt compelled to tell him how he felt, and it seems like Mr. J. was equally as affected.

Mr. J. shared the note on Twitter and people rightfully lost their cool.

"To Mr. J.,

thank you for being a awesome teacher and for being amazing! This school year was so fun and I enjoyed it because of you. I wish more teachers was like you. I will never forget you. I look at you like my Dad. I never met my real Dad but it okay because you treat me like im your son. You make me so happy. Always feeding me when I am hungry and hug me when I am sad. I will never forget you Mr. J. I love you and I will never forget about you!

Love Markus"

Talk about being hit with emotions. I don't recall signing a permission slip to go on this feels trip.

People were so moved by the letter they offered to buy Mr. J. supplies for his class or anything he might need. But he made it very clear. This was never about getting something out of the note.

How amazing is that? This is why teaching is so important. You never know when you're having a bigger impact than you realize.

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