Teacher Going Viral For The Coolest School Project Ever

Jessica Moyes is currently the coolest teacher around...at least according to her kindergarten students at Sharon Elementary School in Indiana!

Moyes was inspired by a book titled, 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz and wanted to show her students that each of them mattered. She read the book to her students and she believes it spreads an important message of embracing your uniqueness.

The K-5 teacher came up with a big idea which would require a lot of help, but she knew what to do.

β€œIt was funded by a grant from a local foundation that funds unique projects in our school district,” she said. β€œI applied for this grant and received it earlier in the year.”

Moyes idea would require some money...and a lot of rocks!

Scary Mommy

Moyes idea was simple: have each student pick a rock and paint it in their own style. Then, each rock would be put together to make a path across the school yard. The idea being everyone's uniqueness comes together to make one beautiful thing!

Scary Mommy
Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy

Moyes has over 740 students participating, and now other schools are petitioning to have something similar done at their school.

The path is a beautiful reminder that we should celebrate uniqueness and eccentric personalities in our kids and not try to limit who they are or want to become!

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