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Why A Famous Pro Wrestler Quit His Job In Order To Serve God

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Professional wrestling is a world of heroes and villains, and no one played the part of the villain better than Ted DiBiase, "The Million Dollar Man."

When his character joined the WWF in 1987, he quickly became a fan-favorite. With his signature evil laugh and his catchphrase "Everybody's got a price," DiBiase used his character's bottomless wallet to wreak havoc on the other pro wrestlers.

DiBiase was famous for his evil laugh.Frederick News-Post

It was no surprise that his career spanned decades, and included more than 30 title wins (not including his character's own title belt the "Million Dollar Championship"). Fans still remember some of his classic sketches, including the time he bribed a swimming pool owner to keep the neighborhood kids out, so he could take a dip by himself.

But while DiBiase's son Ted Jr. has carried on his father's legacy, over the past few years fans haven't seen much of The Million Dollar Man. It turns out that's exactly what he wants. A new documentary about DiBiase's life called The Price of Fame is shedding light on the sudden end to his impressive career.

DiBiase with his son (and fellow pro wrestler) Ted Jr.Million Dollar Man

It turns out The Million Dollar Man became the Million Dollar Minister...

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