Mother Receives Teddy Bear With A Recording Of Her Son Who Recently Passed Away


Don't read this at work because you're about to ugly cry.

While Christmas is a magical time to spend with family and friends, it can also be a challenging one when you've lost a loved one. No pain is ever greater than that of losing a child, and the first Christmas without a son or daughter is an unspeakable agony.

Brittany Garcia's brother, Sean Tanner, passed away in October. This was to be her family's first Christmas without her beloved younger brother. Knowing how hard the holidays were about to be for her mother, Brittany sought out to do something special.

She recorded her mother as she opened her special gift and people around the world have shared in the heart-wrenching reaction.

You can see Garcia's mother already emotional as she's unwrapping her gift. She breaks into tears when she realizes what it is - a teddy bear policeman in full uniform. Tanner was a cop and the bear would be perfect tribute to remember a son.

It didn't stop there however.

Encouraged to click the button, Garcia's mom presses on the paw of the bear and unexpectedly hears a recording of her son.

She's clearly blown away and it's almost impossible not to cry at the big reveal.

The video has since been retweeted thousands of times, and over six million people have seen it. Hundreds have taken to Twitter to voice their support and love for the gesture.

Tanner passed away in October and while he was a police officer, he was not killed in the line of duty. That in no way takes away from the profound loss felt by his family.

It seems that people can be offended by anything and many people responded to the video saying how "wrong" it was. Some said it was cruel of Garcia to make her mother relive the loss.

As is typical, she responded with intelligence and wisdom.

Remembering a loved one hurts when they're gone, but it's so much better than forgetting them. Garcia's gift is so thoughtful and unique and will surely help her mother grieve.

She pointed out something else about the video that should make all of us feel better.

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What do you think about the gift?

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