Teen Mom Star's Ex-Husband Now Dating Another Cast Member

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Teen Mom is never short on drama. Whether it's baby-daddy drama, unaccepting parents, or drama with exes, there's always something to sink your teeth into.

For Kailyn Lowry, she's seen her fair share of drama through the years. Audiences first met Kailyn on 16 & Pregnant when she spent months trying to hide her pregnancy.

Kailyn and her then-boyfriend, Jo, welcomed a son named Isaac. The couple had an extremely rocky relationship, and Kailyn ended up leaving Jo.

"Jo and I hated each others' guts...we were not good friends [and] we barely co-parented," Kaillyn recently revealed.  "All of a sudden, it was a complete 180. Now we're best friends -- I can tell him anything. I can call him, and we can switch weekends easily or if I need him to grab Isaac from school. We are so good now."

After dating Jo, Kailyn fell in love with Javi Marroquin. Javi is an active member of the military and was a stark difference for Kailyn. The stability and maturity was wonderful. The two had a son together named Lincoln.

That's when things started getting ugly. When Javi was deployed, Kailyn cheated on him. Kailyn returned the allegations, and things got really messy. The couple separated, and Kailyn said it doesn't count as cheating if you're separated. It was a bit of a mess. Now, the pair seems to be co-parenting fine, but not without their struggles.

On top of all that, Kailyn shocked everyone when she announced her third pregnancy and decided to keep the father a secret. She wasn't seeing anyone at the time, but eventually spilled the beans that the father was her good friend Chris Lopez. Baby Lux was born, and Kailyn became a single mom to three boys!

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But now, another source of drama has been added to the mix. Javi is dating again...and it's one of Kailyn's Teen Mom co-stars!

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