Teen Was Accepted Into Yale After Writing Her Essay About Papa John's Pizza

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We all love a good slice of pizza. Whether you have had a long day at work and don't want to cook or you are inviting some friends over for the game and want to split a pie, pizza is never a wrong choice.

For one future college student, she wasn't sure she made the right choice when it came to her college essay topic.

Carolina Williams of Brentwood, Tennessee wrote nearly 10 essays for her application to Yale University, and one of them is getting a lot of attention.

One topic prompted her to express her love of Papa John's pizza.

"I love to order pizza from Papa John's so much," Williams tells ABC News. "That was my first thought when I saw that prompt."

Her essay discussed how ordering from the pizza chain made her feel more independent as a kid. Carolina admits that it was a bit of a risk, and it certainly made an impression on Yale's admissions team which only accepts 6.3% of applicants.

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