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Teens' New Invention Will Save Women's Lives

Victoria Roca, Susana Cappello, and Carolina Baigorri just invented something that could save lives all over the world.

The Florida high school students were in an entrepreneurship class at Gulliver Preparatory School when it dawned on them there was a recurring problem in high school: rape.

“Being young women, I feel like this is a problem that we hear about a lot, especially when we came to high school. It’s such a common problem. Statistics say it’s one in every five women, which is so many people,” Baigorri said.

Victoria Roca, Susana Cappello, and Carolina Baigorri AOL

Their invention is extremely simple: it's a straw. It can detect if there is a date rape drug in your drink, which could save lives.

"It has two test strips so if you put it into a drink, it will determine whether it’s drugged or not. If it is drugged, the strip will turn to a navy color,” Roca said.

So how does it work?

The straw detects the presence of the most common date rape drugs, flunitrazepam (rohypnol or roofies), gamma hydroxybutyric (liquid ecstasy) and, and ketmaine (Special K).

We know it’s not a solution because it can’t end rape, but we were hoping to lower the amount of rape and dangerous situations you might be in through drugs,” Baigorri said.


Currently, the young women are waiting for a patent for their straw. After that, they'll be marketing them to college students and supplying them at bars, clubs, and restaurants.

“With our research, we found out that a lot of (times) when drugs are put into drinks (women) don’t only get raped but they trafficked," Roca said.

"Our impact is just to help people feel safe in their surroundings and be aware of what’s going on and just to make sure that where they are, and what they are drinking, is safe,” Cappello added.


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