Teeny Tiny Figure Skaters That Melted The Crowds Hearts And Mine Too


As the Olympics approach, I start to browse YouTube looking for all my favorite moments. Figure skating has always been a part of my watching schedule and I went down a bit of a wormhole!

My own kids could barely walk, never mind run by the time they were two but this girl has nailed figure skating! Even after I did some google research I was unable to find out her name or what she is doing now? Do any of you know? I wonder if perhaps she might be competing in the coming weeks!

Next up is the amazing Reinah. Here's what her Mom had to say "Our 3.5 year old daughter, Reinah Lee, at her first figure skating competition after starting lessons with her new coach 2 months ago. She took 2nd place (1st place went to a 6 yr old). Amazing!!! We're so proud of you Reinah!"

This one isn't quite as stunning - but man is she ever cute!

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