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Tennis Players React To X-Rated Interuption

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Next to golf, tennis is probably the most refined and serious sport there is, which only makes this crazy interruption more unbelievable.

At the Sarasota Open earlier this week, tennis pros Frances Tiafor and Mitchell Krueger had their match rudely interrupted by some very adult noises. Before they had their thunder stolen by Serena William's pregnancy announcement, these players were going viral around the world for their great reactions.

The players seemed more confused than upset, with the announcer guessing that the sounds were coming from a couple in a nearby apartment building.

The game stopped long enough for the players to joke about the bizarre situation:

After a few minutes the baffled announcer couldn't help but say to himself "I still hear it? It's still going..."

Thankfully, the interruption didn't break Tiafoe's stride, as he went on to win the game, after having some fun and shouting "It can't be that good!"

One poor mom in the crowd was even caught telling her son to cover his ears. She definitely wasn't expecting anything like this at a tennis match!

Surprisingly, this wasn't even the most exciting interruption at a match this year! Check the next page for another rude interruption.

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