Teri Hatcher Responds To Rumors She Is Homeless And Living In A Van


Teri Hatcher Responds To Rumors She Is Homeless And Living In A Van


On Sunday nights, one of my favorite shows to watch with my mother was Desperate Housewives. While all four leading ladies were great in their own right, in my humble opinion, Teri Hatcher's portrayal of Susan Mayer was the best.

For eight years every week, we saw these actresses grace our television screens in continuous nail biting scenes on Wisteria Lane, but after the series concluded, they cast seemed to vanish from the limelight without a trace.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the cast have yet to find such another groundbreaking project in the industry comparable to their former work... Or I just haven't seen it.

Although the public hasn't heard from 53-year-old Hatcher in a while, Star magazine reported last week that the starlet is broke and homeless and living out of her van.

"On the cover yesterday [Star magazine has] an article that says exactly that "” it's totally absurd "” that I am broke and homeless and living out of my van," Hatcher said in an interview with KTLA. "It's categorically false. I am not broke. I have done very well investing my money. I am not homeless and I am not living out of my van."

While it's always a relief when these kinds of rumors get debunked, how exactly did this one get started?

According to Hatcher, paparazzi took snapshots of the actress while she was filming her new YouTube series, Van Therapy, at a beach in Los Angeles.

"A couple of weeks ago, the magazine reached out to my publicist to say, "˜We have these paparazzi photos of Teri at the beach,' which, by the way, I was filming drivebys for my show," the mother-of-one said.

"They said they were going to run this story about me being broke, and I think they even used the word suicidal and homeless and whatever," she explained. "And my lawyer and my publicist said, "˜Categorically not true, you can't print that, she's doing a YouTube show, that's her van, she has many homes in many states all over the country. There's nothing about this that's true.'"

"And then they went and ran it anyway. And that is even more egregious that it was so purposefully hurtful," she added.

Hatcher said it was important for her to dispel the rumor on International Women's Day, in order for her to stand up for women everywhere.

I wanted to talk to you about it today, especially today is International Women's Day, and it's been a time where women have been "” the Time's Up and the MeToo movement, and the voice of women collectively is saying, "˜We're not just going to take it and accept it and be quiet about it all the way we have for decades,'" Hatcher said

"I guess something about this time, and maybe exactly because this happened to happen on International Women's Day, I just felt like, even not for me, somebody has to say, "˜You can't do this. You can't egregiously lie hurtfully with such a ridiculous story. It's a kind of harassment and bullying that we can't take anymore," she added.

She also took the time to defend actress Sharon Stone, 59, who also had been a target of Star magazine's harsh cover photo.

"The reason it's important for me to talk about it is because also on that cover was a picture of Sharon Stone "” beautiful picture of Sharon Stone "” tripping, I guess, on a curb like many people do. And the caption is, "˜Near 60, Sharon Stone collapses,'" she said.

"And it just made me think, you know, as actresses age, as women age in our society, magazines like this, they're fostering a culture of disrespect "” of trying to take down and take away the power of women, who have accomplished a lot in their careers. Who have a lot still to say," she concluded.

According to KTLA's Sam Rubin, Hatcher is considering taking legal action against the magazine for its false report.

What's the most outrageous Hollywood rumor you've heard?


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