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Terminally Ill 'Bride' Takes Wedding Photos, But The Groom Is Missing

Four years ago, Q May Chen had won her battle with stage two breast cancer. The young woman from New Taipei, Taiwan was thrilled to be declared cancer-free after what she thought was the fight of her life.

There were so many things that she planned to do with her newfound health and she finally had the time to take control of her life.

It turns out, the battle had only just begun. Two years later, the cancer had returned even stronger. Doctors informed her that she was at stage four - the cancer had spread to other organs.

Rather than let that stop her, she decided that now was the time to make her childhood dream come true.

On her birthday last year, Chen stepped into the wedding dress of her dreams and walked into a white church bathed in light.

There was no groom waiting for her at the end of the aisle, there were no guests in the pews.

She did the entire shoot solo.

Even though she wanted to wait for the perfect person and the right time, the return of her cancer changed everything.

“That was when I finally decided that this was something I needed to do,” she tells BuzzFeed News.

“I feel like sometimes it may seem like God has made you fall over, but maybe it’s actually him pushing you to achieve something more,” she told BuzzFeed News. "

“Things may feel really bad, but staying alive is the most important thing. Everything else is insignificant in the face of that.”