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Terminally Ill Man Gets His Dream Wedding Just 3 Days Before He Dies- Grab The Tissues

After becoming engaged 3 years ago, Ash Hunter was finally able to make the dream of marrying the mother of his children come true, 3 days before he died.

Ash and Renae had planned multiple times to get married during their engagement, but kept getting pregnant.

"I decided I wasn't going to get married with a big fat belly so we'd put it off until next year, and then I'd get pregnant again," Renae said.

That's when Ash was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes and the couple realized they were running out of time.

"We had everything planned for the wedding for the 27th (of this month) - the flowers, the music, a DJ, all of our friends were going to be there, our family was coming up from interstate. It was going to be a huge wedding," Renae said.

At this point, Ash was participating in a clinical trial, but the side effects caused his left lung to fill with fluid. 2 weeks after stopping the trial drugs, his cancer grew rapidly.

"He just deteriorated," Renae said. "That was when we were told Ash wouldn't make it to the 27th."

That's when they knew they would have to act quickly if they wanted to fulfill his dream.

The couple have 6 children together already, with another one on the way.

"His last wish was to be married and we were so happy we could at least do that," Renae told Daily Mail Australia.

Doctors had met with the family and told them Ash didn't have much time left.

The hospice together with the couple's church sprung into action to make their dream a reality.

Within only 4 hours on August 5 the couple was finally married.

"It ended up being really small, really intimate and really, really beautiful," Renae said. "I'm over the moon that we actually did it. And I did end up getting married pregnant with a belly, but the dress still fit me."

With the help of a breathing apparatus, Ash was able to stand at the alter and marry Renae surrounded by his closest friends and family.

The small emotion-packed ceremony was held in the gardens of Ash's hospice, but it was a day the whole family will remember forever.

Ash passed away 3 days after the wedding.

“He was an extraordinary man, partner and father and lived for his children. Our lives will never be the same again. He won’t get to see first birthdays, first days of school, graduations, weddings," Renae said.

“He will miss everything. We are shattered beyond belief.”

Source: Chinchilla News / Independent / Daily Mail