Make Your Garden One-Of-A-Kind With This Terra Cotta Cow

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Make Your Garden One-Of-A-Kind With This Terra Cotta Cow

Don't you just love decorating your garden with fun and unique crafts? I can never find what I'm looking for at my local gardening stores, and when I do find decor I like it's usually very expensive, so I've decided to make my own!

This Terra Cotta Cow is totally adorable and makes the perfect addition to any garden, patio or porch. All that I've done is purchased some inexpensive clay pots, painted them and glued them together into this super cute cow. You can't find something this nice for this cheap anywhere!

The fun thing about this project is that once you've done it, you can repeat it with different animals! Try making a giraffe, dog or cat clay pot creature for your yard.

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Keep scrolling to see how you can make this super cute Terra Cotta Cow for your garden!

Start by painting the bottom half of 4 of your smallest pots with white acrylic paint. Let dry.

Repeat this with 2 medium sized and 2 large sized pots.

Paint the upper part of 2 of your smallest and largest pots white.

Once all the pots have dried paint the top part (the part you didn't paint before) with black acrylic paint. Do this for 2 small pots and 2 medium pots.

You will also paint 2 small pots completely black.

You want to end up with pots that look like the picture below.

Take the black paint and start painting on your cow spots. You're going to do this for 2 small pots, 2 medium pots and the 2 large pots. You will end up with pots like this:

Now, take your light pink acrylic paint and completely paint the saucer. Let dry.

Use black paint or a permanent marker to draw the nose and mouth for your cow on the saucer.

Use black and brown paint to draw the eyes of your cow on one of the large pots.

Use super glue or silicone to stick all your pieces together. Let dry.

Your little flower pot friend is now ready for the garden!

Isn't she cute? Everyone will admire this adorable garden cow and will wonder where they can buy their own!

See below for the easy-to-read instructions for how to make this Terra Cotta Cow.



  1. Paint 4 of your smallest pots and 2 of your largest pots completely white. Let dry.
  2. Paint 2 of your smallest pots completely black. Let dry.
  3. Paint the top rim of 2 small pots and 2 medium pots black. Let dry.
  4. Paint cow spots on 2 small pots (with black rim), 2 medium pots and 2 large pots.
  5. Paint the saucer light pink.
  6. Use a black permanent marker or black paint to draw a nose and mouth on the pink saucer.
  7. Use black and brown paint to draw on your cow's eyes. Make sure to do this on one of the largest pots.

To assemble:

  1. Take one of your largest pots and place it upside down.
  2. Glue the other large pot to the base, about halfway down the side of the pot. This will be the cow's head.
  3. Glue the pink saucer to the bottom of the head.
  4. Glue the two small white pots to the top of the head (your cow's horns).
  5. Glue the two small black pots to the sides of the head (your cow's ears).
  6. Glue the remaining small pots to your cow's body. These will be his legs.

It all sounds much more complicated than it actually is! Once you're finished you have an adorable cow figurine that will make your garden a whimsical wonderland.

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Watch our video below that shows you step-by-step how to make this cute Terra Cotta Cow.

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