Terrifying Moment When Gang Breaks a Man's Leg in a Shocking Bike Robbery

When walking along the streets outside a hotel on London's Park Lane, a tourist experienced a terrifying moment that left a lasting impression.

The man in his 30s was walking along the street in Mayfair when 4 mopeds carrying 8 men rode past him.

They then turned around and mounted the pavement forcing the pedestrian to jump out of the way.

What happened next is absolutely terrifying.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

After attempting to snatch his watch the man runs away, he is pursued by the thugs. When he approached the corner of a building, one moped deliberately rides into him, sending him to the ground and throwing 2 riders off their bike.

The other thieves jump off their moped and try to chase the victim.

In spite of his injury the victim crawled away and the robbers left empty handed.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

The UK National who was on holiday in London was later treated for a broken leg, according to police.

"Detectives appealing for information and witnesses following an attempted robbery in central London by a group on four mopeds have released CCTV of the incident," said the police.

"I want to hear from anyone who recalls seeing such a group, or who may have seen the mopeds being abandoned - or perhaps being stored in a lockup or similar location - in the early hours of Sunday, 30 April," police said. "One of the mopeds would have sustained damage to its left side."