Texas Dream Home Is A Steal, But The Creepy Photos Are Scaring Buyers Away

With 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, this mansion outside of Richmond, Texas, should be any homeowner's dream. It features 2 acres of land next to a creek, with a 4 car garage and other amenities.

Priced to move at just $1.27 million, the realtor for the home says the public interest has been so great her phone is ringing "every 30 seconds."

But descriptions of the home online range from "unique" and "eclectic" to "disturbing," and it's easy to see why.

On social media, people have speculated that the home is owned by a hoarder, but Re/Max agent Diana Power insists the client is an "acclaimed artist" who uses her home as a studio.

Unfortunately, some of her "art" is a little worrying.

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Along with a trophy room, game room and an outdoor kitchen, the massive home is full of mannequins posed in strange positions. Apparently "mannequin art" is the owner's specialty, and some of her weirdest creations live around the house.

Thankfully, all of the decorations and mannequins will be moving with the artist, so the new owner won't share their home with any unexpected guests.

"I think that the person who will end up buying this house can see the forest from the trees,” Power says, or maybe "the mansion from the mannequins" would be a better expression.

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