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How To Avoid Getting A Pain In The Neck From Your Smartphone

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In case you're wondering just how wired our world has become, a study found that 79% of people between 18 and 44 have their smartphones with them all the time.

It turns out our need to be constantly connected isn't just sapping our attention spans, it's also taking a toll on our bodies.

Michael A. Gleiber

Doctors are warning smartphone users about "text neck," a group of conditions caused by the posture we use to check our phones and stare at computer screens.

Spine surgeons say more patients are reporting neck and upper back pain, including patients who are unusually young for these conditons.

Authors in The Spine Journal say that our poor posture is causing more cases of neck issues, herniated disks, and alignment problems at earlier ages.


Doctors also worry about how the youngest generation, who are growing up with smartphones in their hands, will be affected.

Even if you're not feeling any symptoms, you may already be living with the effects of "text neck."

Thankfully, this condition is easy to avoid and correct - if you know how.

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