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Thanksgiving Accessories You Absolutely Need This Year

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You may not want to think about it, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Have you made your plans yet? Who is making the turkey? Whose house will it be at? And most importantly...what do you need to get in advance?

Here are some must-haves this Thanksgiving season! Personally, I love the take-out containers!

1. Cute Leaf Decor

"These lights didn't look like much when I opened the box, but they look really nice once lit and they are flexible, as the wires bend, so they are easy to arrange. I ordered two sets and this covered my 17 inch wreath with some left over to drape across the windows." miumiu fan

"I used these as an accent on the dining room table and think they look awesome in day time or night." Katie D.

You can buy them by clicking here.

2. Extra Dishes

Save yourself for the more important tasks.

You might think I'm crazy but I bought these a few years ago and I have gotten a lot of use out of them!  The dinner plates are 9.5 inches and were the perfect size to go with my 12 inch gold chargers. They are very durable for plastic plates. Not as lightweight like the type you get at supermarkets. I had compliments on the table and my daughter-in-law was ever so grateful that she could throw them out since she is usually tasked with doing the dishes after a meal.

You can buy them by clicking here.

3. Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

I wish someone had told me years ago how good these were. Save your oven for other stuff and cook your bird in here. It accommodates turkeys up to 26 pounds. We use ours for all the big holidays. Simple to use with fool-proof results, you can serve holiday and special occasion meals that are moist, tender and delicious. Plus you can save time, energy and double your regular oven space for more efficient meal prep.

You can learn more by clicking here.

4. Thanksgiving Bingo Game

If you haven't done this before, I highly recommend. We have played Bingo the past couple of years and everyone always has fun.  Ages have ranged from 5 to 89. Just so you know, I found it cheaper than using ink/paper for those you download online.

You can buy them by clicking here.

5. Thanksgiving Tablecloth

"Best way to entertain my kids and nieces and nephews over Thanksgiving. The older kids even put away their phones and joined in on the fun. They were talking and passively coloring and doodling. It was great to be able to get them engaged in something together while setting up Thanksgiving dinner, having wine and conversation with the adults. This was a big hit and all the adults thanked me for getting this! I am definitely doing this next year." Dominique R

You can buy one by clicking here.

6. Leftover Containers

Send those tasty leftovers home with these! I got tired of giving away my good stuff.

You can buy them by clicking here.

7. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

One of my favorites when I was a kid and now it's one of my son's favorites as well! Nothing beats Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang during the holidays.

You can buy it by clicking here.

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