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11 DIY Decorations You'll Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

Martha Stewart / Blu Ridge Vinatge

The holiday season is upon us in full force and color, and it's about time to get the house ready for the family and friends you are expecting for Thanksgiving dinner!

The world outside has already begun feeling a little colder and the colors are changing more and more with every passing day, so we think it is time for you to take a page from mother nature's handbook and get started on dressing up your living space!

If you are looking for new ways to make your home feel a little more spirited this autumn season, then look no further than these cool DIY hacks that add warmth on a budget!

Apple Candles

If you want to really bring the light into your home, then this is a really fun and simple way to add some festivity to your dining room table. Just scoop the top off of an apple and add a tea light for some fruity, fall furnishings!

Painted Burlap Runners

This is a fantastic way to dress up anyone's table, whether you have a tablecloth or not. Burlap runners are easily purchased on the cheap and with a few strokes of paint, you'll find your crafting skills in hot demand!

Thankful Tree

A super awesome craft idea that you and your family can try begins with collecting a bundle of sticks and twigs and placing them in a vase in your home. Everyone can then make little leaf-notes of things they are thankful for in their lives. Definitely give this one a try!

Turkey Pears

This one is perfect for kids who love to collect the best leaves from outside! Put their findings to use with some produce from the grocery store, and with a few paper cut-outs you'll have another turkey-lurkey for the dinner table!

Gilded Pumpkins

Who says bling has to be expensive? Give yourself a golden treat to decorate your kitchenware with this metallic paint! It's a really great way to spend an afternoon on these colder fall days, and it gives you something shiny to illuminate your home! Especially if you were wondering what you were going to do with all those pumpkins after Halloween.

Foliage Candleholders

What makes this decoration so amazing is how easy they are to make! Take your small glass candle holders and then head outside to collect as many beautiful colored leaves as you can!

When you come back inside, grab some hot chocolate and spray glue and get designing! You can match leaves and colors like the picture above, or you can mix them up for some stunning presentations!

Fruit & Clove Messages

This is a fantastic idea to incorporate your food and spices in a neat way, that smells great too! Just use some glue, fresh fruit, and cloves to spell out your heart-warming messages to your family and arrange them somewhere you can read them everyday!

Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

You may not associate fortune cookies with Thanksgiving dinner, but it's a really quaint idea for those looking to decorate the table and add your own special wishes for your guests this year! It may seem daunting, but these instructions make it easy to craft the 'cookies' together!

Leafy Notes

Since you're outside anyways, snag a few extra leaves that look oh-so-crisp and take a marker to them! You can add whatever you'd like; names for table spots, loving notes, or even a quick design to add a bit of flair to your settings! This can be done quickly and it really does make the world of difference, particularly if you can get a wide variety of colors together!

Pine Cone Name Tags

Besides the falling leaves, there's plenty of other natural wonders for you to discover and add to your home in order to bring the spirit of the season into your homestead! Pine cones work really well as added bits of decor, but you can use them in more creative ways, like name tag holders or even balancing cutlery between their rows!

Thanksgiving Wreath

It may not be Christmas juuust yet, but who said wreaths could only decorate our doors only once a year? This is a fantastic tutorial on making a floral arrangement that will make any birds flying south for the winter do a double-take!

Which of these crafts are you going to try out this year? Let us know in the comments how it goes!