Thanksgiving Dinner At Cracker Barrel Will Only Cost You $11

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My grandma was an absolute wizard in the kitchen. Anything and everything that she served up on a plate was delicious. Of course Grandma's House was the center where the entire family would come every Thanksgiving and Christmas for a delicious meal and a great time.

When I was a kid I never even questioned my grandma's methods. I just assumed she worked all day in the kitchen getting everything ready. I mean why question something that works so well?

She died in 2002 and for a long time my family would share our favorite memories. One holiday season I remember confiding in my sister:

"I really miss grandma's potatoes."

She looked at me for a little while and then let loose what was apparently a not-so-well-kept secret.

"You know those were instant right?"

At first I didn't believe her, but after a little while I realized I didn't care. Sure homecooked meals are great, but Thanksgiving dinners aren't just about the food, it's about the family. You don't need to slave over a hot stove for hours in order to enjoy the holidays, and Cracker Barrel is going to prove that.

Lots of stores will be open this Thanksgiving and if you don't want to get up in the early hours to pop a turkey in the oven then you should check them out. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has one of the best deals that I've seen so far. They will put together an amazing Thanksgiving feast for 10 people that will cost as little as $11 a person.

You can order it starting Nov 17, and everything can be put in the fridge and heated up on Thanksgiving.

The meal is $110 and includes two turkey breasts, cornbread dressing, turkey gravy, cranberry relish, sweet rolls and three sides of your choice. They also have a smaller offering for 6 people that costs $68.

I'm going to add in a box of instant potatoes in memory of my grandma.

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Will you get help this holiday season?

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