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The 10 Most Successful Products On Shark Tank Are Not What You Would Expect

Of course all the judges on Shark Tank are business experts, but it's still amazing to learn that these products  all went on to become huge success stories:

1. The Breathometer

Charles Yim says a night at the bar with his friends inspired him to make this product, which is a portable breathalyzer that attaches to your phone. All 5 Sharks split a $1 million investment - the first time they ever did so - and interest from Silicon Valley means the idea has earned them millions more since then.

Unfortunately, the company has also been forced to pay back millions after it was revealed their devices were measuring Blood Alcohol Content incorrectly. Oops!

2. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Kevin O'Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful is known for making tough deals with the show's contestants. Tracey Noonan and her daughter Danielle Desroches earned $75,000 for their cupcake delivery business from the Shark.

While they have made over $8 million in sales, Wicked Good still pays O'Leary 50 cents for every cupcake they sell - forever. A sweet deal, for him at least.

3. The Squatty Potty

This company has gotten some bad press recently, and had to fire their spokeswoman Kathy Griffin for her controversial "joke" about President Trump. But Squatty Potty - which earned a $350,000 investment from "Queen of QVC" Lori Greiner - made $30 million in revenue last year.

Not only have their line of "good posture" toilet seats taken off, they also sell novelty t-shirts and air fresheners.

4. Bubba's-Q Boneless Ribs

Al "Bubba" Baker's pitch for his boneless rib recipe impressed the Sharks - probably because they got free samples. Since Daymond John invested $300,000 in the business, it's been featured on the Food Network, QVC, and in more than 150 stores nationwide, making more than $3 million each year.

5. GrooveBook

Scrap-booking is a billion dollar industry, which explains why Sharks Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary jumped at the chance to invest $150,000 in this online scrap-booking company. GrooveBook sold to online photo company ShutterFly in 2014 for a cool $14.5 million, making both of them very happy.

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6. Buggy Beds

The Sharks bugged out over this bedbug glue trap detection system that fits under your mattress. All 5 pooled their money to buy a $250,000 stake in the pest control business, which is now sold in 20 countries worldwide and made more than $1 million last year.

Listen to their horrifying pitch to learn why Sharks jumped on this product:

7. Tipsy Elves

This company rode the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" craze at the height of its popularity, signing a $100,000 deal with Shark Robert Herjavec and earning $8 million in 2016. They've even expanded their line to include products like this insanely expensive jeweled Christmas sweater.

8. Lollacup

Hanna and Mark Lim's quest to design a user-friendly sippy cup that's free from toxic chemicals lead them to make the Lollacup, which impressed Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec so much they invested $100,000 for a huge 40% share of the company.

Since then the Lollacup has expanded to become the Lollaland line of products, including child-safe dishes and play mats. Selling in big stores like Walmart helped the business earn millions in sales since 2015.

9. Scrub Daddy

The Scrub Daddy made 2 huge improvements on the regular sponge: the polymer material stays soft in hard water and warm in cold water, and the sponge is shaped in an adorable smiley face. After Lori Greiner made a $200,000 deal with Scrub Daddy, she sold 42,000 units in just 7 minutes on QVC.

To date, the line of Scrub Daddy products - including Scour Daddy, Sponge Daddy and Eraser Daddy - have made more than $100 million, making it the most successful Shark Tank product by far.

10. Grace and Lace

When the Hinnant family sold out of their crocheted boots in 2 days, they knew they had a hit product on their hands. Shark Barbara Corcoran was inspired by their personal story - Melissan Hinnant started crocheting the boots after her miscarriage - and has helped the family business expand to earn more than $7 million in sales as a women's apparel company.

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