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The 12 Strangest Starbucks Locations From Around The World

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Americans love to pick on Starbucks, even though most of us spend part of our morning waiting in line there for our morning pick-me-up. Even if you're in love with your non-fat mocha Venti latte frapp, you know the complaints people like to trot out: the coffee is too expensive, the drinks are bad for you, and the chain is popping up everywhere. Well, that last one is definitely true. Starbucks is an American brand, but it's gone global.

Since the first Starbucks opened its doors in Seattle in 1971, stores have spread to every corner of the globe, and some of them are pretty interesting.

Check out 13 of the most unique Starbucks locations from around the world.

1. The Starbucks Train

The Swiss federal railway unveiled this rolling Starbucks location in 2013. Travelers crossing the country can enjoy all the comforts of home (in a tiny carriage).

2. USS Boxer

This fully functioning battleship features its own Starbucks staffed by crew members, to make them feel at home every morning. This is the only Starbucks that has live torpedoes nearby (we hope).

3. Shanghai, China

Like other locations on this list, this Starbucks had to blend in with a historic location, in this case the Yu Yuan Garden. Designers copied the garden's historic style for the coffee store.

4. Daizaifu, Japan

Designer Kengo Kuma took inspiration from the nearby Tenmangu Shrine for this Starbucks, featuring a wooden sculpture made from over 4 kilometers of wooden sticks. Just don't try to stir your coffee with them!

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