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The 13 Dumbest Kitchen Mistakes We're All Guilty Of

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We all like to think of ourselves as Master Chefs on par with Gordon Ramsey, but the truth is we're all human. Mistakes happen, and the mark of a truly great cook is to learn from them, and to avoid making the same mistake again. So consider yourself lucky, because we're about to point out 13 of the most common kitchen mistakes, which is the best learning opportunity you could hope for.

Try not to feel bad if you realize you've been cooking bacon the wrong way your whole life, or using the wrong measuring tools.

Just use these creative tips to take your cooking to the next level!

1. Never cook bacon in a frying pan

We all grew up watching our parents flip our morning bacon piece by piece while standing in front of the stove, with the hot oil popping onto their apron, and never imagined there was a better way. There are lots of cheap utensils to cook bacon in a microwave, but this can affect the taste.

Instead, simply cook all your bacon at once in the oven - it's much easier and there's no mess. There are a few methods, but they all make delicious, crispy bacon.

2. Buying organic food

We're all desperate to eat healthier, but there's no reason to believe that paying extra for "organic" bananas and tomatoes will do much good. Instead, focus on a few healthy foods your family is guaranteed to eat, and buy those every week,

3. Buying so-called "olive oil"

Olive oil is one of the most notorious fake foods, and odds are the oil sitting in your pantry right now isn't really made from olives. Companies use words like "pure" and "natural" on the labels to mislead you. Learn how to spot these fake brands so you don't waste your money.

4. Cooking rice and storing leftovers

Rice has a reputation for being one of the easiest dishes you can make, but that just means most people overlook the mistakes you can make while preparing it. First, you need to "flush" your rice, because otherwise you're letting nasty pesticides soak into your food.

Then, be very careful with leftover rice, because it's a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Not following the recipe

Look up any recipe online and check the first comment. Odds are it's someone asking why their dish didn't turn out, and adding that they made "a few" substitutions. Cooking is science. If you expect your dish to be perfect, stick to the recipe like glue, especially if you're making it for the first time.

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