The Air Bags Went Off For No Reason, Causing Injuries, But The Company Says That's Normal

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When you purchase a vehicle, you are putting your faith in its ability to get your from Point A to Point B safely, excluding of course driver error, which the vehicle is never responsible for. But what happens when your vehicle malfunctions, and more specifically, what if the safety systems built into the vehicle malfunction, putting you at great risk?

That's the question that Joanne and Rick Yuke are asking themselves now that they have experienced problems with their 2006 Honda Odyssey's airbag system on multiple occasions. The couple, who live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, have had their side airbags deploy on their own without cause, while they have been driving, twice.

The second time that this happened was on Canadian Thanksgiving in October of this year. They were driving along a dirt road in rural Saskatchewan, Joanne was driving, but her husband and her sister-in-law were riding in the car as well, when the side airbags deployed on their own.

"There was a very loud bang," Rick said. "They just went off. It scared the heck out of me."

"We sat there for some time just kind of taking into account what had happened. Rick was sitting in the passenger seat — his shoulder was very sore, my head was sore, my ear was ringing terrible," Joanne said.

Rick's sister suffered a pretty severe bruise to her stomach region when the airbags suddenly went off.

But who is on the hook when these airbags go off without any cause?

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