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Every Year They Turn The Chicago River Green, Here's How They Do It

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Last year, I drove from St. Louis to meet up with a few friends in Chicago when I noticed something strange upon entering the Windy City.

The Chicago River was neon green, and there were hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the banks.

The river has never had good reputation for being sanitary, but the hue I saw that day caught me by surprise. Then it dawned on me: It's St. Patrick's Day!

Luckily, I arrived on the perfect day! I really appreciate the city's creativity on this festive occasion.

Every March 17, people in Ireland gather to worship the death of Saint Patrick, who was a Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland.

In the U.S., we celebrate by wearing green, which symbolizes spring, and going out for a drink.

In Chicago, the river is turned green, leaving thousands of people wondering when this tradition started, and how they actually dye the river...

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