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The Company Behind Twinkies Just Unveiled 3 New And Delicious Products

If you're obsessed with the delicious Hostess snacks - like Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos - then you're in luck.

The company made a major announcement this week about 3 new products for you to fall in love with, along with a major change to their business.

For years you're been able to buy boxes of individually sealed Hostess treats in the snack aisle of your grocery store. But starting soon you'll be able to try some fresh upgrades to family favorites like Twinkies.

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The snack giant is introducing a separate line of products called the Hostess Bake Shop. They're new and improved versions of the company's famous products served fresh in your grocery store's bakery section.

To start, there will be 3 updates to the company's most well-known treats.

The Decorated Twinkies are the iconic, cream-filled cakes you love covered in a dash of rainbow sprinkles and white fudge.

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The Triple Fudge Ding Dongs add two extra layers of chocolate to the classic snack cake: a dark chocolate coating and white fudge icing.

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Finally, the Cupcake Cookies take inspiration from Hostess Cupcakes and their squiggly icing decorations.

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Keep your eyes peeled for these delicious treats. They'll be coming to all the major grocery stores and club stores in the next few weeks, but we're guessing the demand will be pretty big!

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